What is ICPS?

The International Cerebral Palsy Society (ICPS) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1969, with members in 52 countries on all five continents. Its members include national associations of people with cerebral palsy (CP), their families and the professionals who work with them, as well as individual members – mainly in countries where there is no national association.

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Key Aims

ICPS is an organisation of and for people with cerebral palsy. It has three key aims:


It is essential that the voice of people with cerebral palsy be heard whenever policy developments, medical research or technological advances that might affect them are being discussed. ICPS provides that voice at global level and aims to do the same at regional level, starting with its European members, who form CP-ECA.


Although great advances have been made in the social acceptance and development of services for people with CP and their families, levels of understanding, development and capability vary enormously from country to country. The unique worldwide resource of ICPS’ membership enables members to share, exchange and learn from one another’s expertise.


CP is the most common motor disability in childhood and yet it remains poorly understood by many. Through its website, annual meetings and other means, ICPS supports its members’ efforts to increase awareness of CP and the limitations, needs and capabilities of people who have CP. 

Last updated: 2022-11-18 23:05:33
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