ICPS welcomes back United Cerebral Palsy

Published on 06-10-2023
At its meeting on 6 October 2023, the Executive Committee was delighted to welcome back United Cerebral Palsy as a member of ICPS after several years. 

ICPS welcomes new members from Italy and Mexico

Published on 04-09-2023
At its meeting on 4 September 2023, the Executive Committee was delighted to welcome two new organisational members to ICPS: Italy: Fight the Stroke Foundation Mexico: Asociación pro Personas con Pa...

Launch of new WHO Civil Society Commission

Published on 24-08-2023
We are proud to announce that our Secretary General John Coughlan has been appointed a member of the Steering Committee of the new Civil Society Commission of the World Health Organization. The Commi...

ICPS welcomes new members from Bulgaria, Romania and the United States

Published on 21-07-2023
At its meetings on 12 June 2023 and 7 July 2023, the Executive Committee was delighted to welcome three new organisational and one new associate organisational member (*) to ICPS: *   Bulgaria: Specia...

Earthquakes in Turkey & Syria - 150 Days On

Published on 20-07-2023
More than 150 days have passed since the earthquakes that devastated Southern Turkey and Northern Syria in February 2023. ICPS member Spastic Children's Foundation of Turkey - Cerebral Palsy Turkey se...

WHO Global Rehabilitation 2030

Published on 11-07-2023
The 3rd Global Rehabilitation 2030 meeting took place at the World Health Organization in Geneva on 10-11 July 2023. ICPS was represented by SG John Coughlan. The meeting brought together governmen...

Earthquake in Turkey & Syria - Appeal for Help

Published on 13-02-2023
ICPS is in close contact with our membership organisation, Cerebral Palsy Turkey (Spastic Children's Foundation of Turkey), following the devastating earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria on 6 Februar...
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