ICPS mourns the loss of Anita Loring

Anita Loring


Anita Loring, 1942-2024

The International Cerebral Palsy Society is sad to announce the passing of Anita Loring, who served the organisation for five decades as its first Secretary and later as Chair and Vice-Chair. 

Together with her husband James Loring, Executive Director of what was then known as The Spastics Society and is now called SCOPE, Anita brought together leading professionals and pioneering parents from around the globe to establish ICPS in 1969. 

Anita organised high-level conferences on cerebral palsy in Cambridge and Oxford and led capacity-building visits to emerging CP organisations in different parts of the world. She planted the seeds and nurtured the personal relationships that have grown into the global network of ICPS. 

"For many decades, Anita was the heart, soul and brains of ICPS" said Nonyelum Nweke, Chair of ICPS. "Her hard work and dedication contributed in no small measure to what ICPS is today. We will sorely miss her."

"Anita had a big personality", said John Coughlan, Secretary General of ICPS. "At meetings in later years, she would adopt the persona of the lay magistrate that she fulfilled in real life, evaluating the arguments presented and passing wise and benign judgement on their benefit for children and adults with CP. She touched the lives of many people in many countries, and she remained an active contributor to ICPS even in the last few months. We will miss her."


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Last updated: 2024-02-22 21:46:10
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