Earthquakes in Turkey & Syria - 150 Days On

More than 150 days have passed since the earthquakes that devastated Southern Turkey and Northern Syria in February 2023. ICPS member Spastic Children's Foundation of Turkey - Cerebral Palsy Turkey sent this report:

The basic needs of earthquake victims are being met by non-governmental organisations in coordination with the relevant authorities. 

Pregnancy follow-ups are carried out in field hospitals established to provide health services. It is estimated that presently there are around 200,000 pregnant women in the region. We visit the newborn and follow their development. Those designated to be in need are included in our early intervention programme.

Right after the earthquake, we concentrated our work in the earthquake area. We established three rehabilitation units in Antakya. To date, we have provided 708 sessions of physiotherapy, special education and psychotherapy support to 136 families with disabled children between the ages of 0 and 18.

Some families preferred not to stay on in the earthquake zone living in containers or tents and moved to rural areas instead. With our mobile vehicle we go and provide on-site services to families with disabled children. To date, we have made a total of 281 visits.

In addition., we contacted more than 270 families with disabled children who were affected by the earthquake and identified their needs. In particular, we provided 55 medical supplies, such as wheelchairs, AFO, DAFO, handicapped strollers, bathroom and toilet apparatus, walkers. 

We also identified the children who needed urgent surgery. With the support of our donors, 15 children will be operated by the end of July.

We are able to provide all these services thanks to our donors and sponsors. 

You can support our work here.

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Last updated: 2023-07-20 18:34:21
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