ICPS Membership Form

ICPS will only use the information of this form for the purposes you will provide explicit consent for.

Organisations and individuals will only be admitted to membership of ICPS if they meet the conditions laid down in the Articles of Association and upon approval of the Executive Committee or Annual General Meeting. Go to Membership Information.

By submitting this form, you formally declare your/your organization’s wish to become a member of ICPS and make the following commitments:
  • to accept the statutes of ICPS and the conditions of membership.
  • to support the vision of ICPS:
    • to promote the rights and welfare of people with cerebral palsy,
    • to provide a network for people with CP, parents and professionals to exchange and share the expertise,
    • to encourage new developments in all fields concerned with CP and research into its prevention and
    • to promote co-operation and understanding and the exchange of information
  • to cooperate with ICPS in realising this vision
ICPS will only use the information of this form for the purposes you provide explicit consent for. Please read carefully the following and check the information you would like us to use and/or to make public.
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