ICPS Annual General Meeting 2020-21

ICPS Annual General Meeting 2020-21
Date : 22 Jan 2021
Venue : Zoom, 22 January 2021 11:00(UTC)

Panel Discussion

"The Impact of Covid-19 on People with Cerebral Palsy: Testimonies from Around the World"

Friday 22 January 2021 – 11:00 (UTC) , Zoom


How the pandemic exposes inequalities

Constanza ORBAIZ, Fundación Obligado, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Prevailing through together in times of Covid-19

Matthieu CHATELIN, Member of the ICPS ExCo, France


Providing support for children with CP in developing countries in a pandemic

Nonyelum NWEKE, Cerebral Palsy Center, Lagos, Nigeria


Rebuilding diagnosis during the pandemic

Luciano PALAZESI, Fundación Obligado, Buenos Aires, Argentina


disABILITY Screening – an app to support children with disability and their families

Gopi KITNASAMY, Cerebral Palsy Lanka Foundation, Colombo, Sri Lanka


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